Xero integration notes and warnings

  • In the "Billings" section if you select two payments and "send to Xero" one draft invoice will be setup that contains both payment lines. If you send through to Xero one at a time, each payment line will have a corresponding draft invoice setup in Xero. This allows you to group payments onto one invoice where you do multiple projects/jobs for clients.
    • If an invoice is only part paid in Xero, Roll will show this as unpaid until the invoice has been paid in full.
    • If you change values on an invoice once it has gone through to Xero, this will not be reflected in Roll.
    • All invoices sent through to Xero are setup in Xero as DRAFT invoices awaiting finalising/approval.

Additional Syncing Notes and Warnings

  • In circumstances where you may want to save an invoice as a draft and pick it up in Xero (drafts), make changes to it and send it out to the client from Xero. The updates you make to the invoice in Xero WILL NOT come through to Roll EXCEPT for status (e.g. moving to awaiting payment) and the invoice number (in case it changes in Xero). Any additional lines that may have been added to the invoice in Xero will not come through to the invoice in Roll.

  • Every time you open and save an invoice in Roll, Roll will try to update the Xero invoice. If that invoice has been changed in Xero and sent to the client it will potentially be over written with the Roll data. Be aware of this as if you have added additional lines in Xero, these will be removed and replaced with the Roll version of the invoice when you open the invoice in Roll.

  • Once the invoice has been paid and reconciled in Xero, all further edits are locked.