See how much you will earn this month

Using the The "Estimated Month End" figure in Roll allows us to get an idea of how much revenue you will earn this month. If used correctly, this is a hugely useful figure that will give you a good idea on how the business is tracking for the month and allow you to spot problems early from a cashflow, financials perspective.


The "Est. Month End" field is used to let you know what amount you are looking like you will invoice for the project this month. Entering data in this field for all projects in progress allows the full "Estimated Month End" figure (available in the Dashboard and projects listing screens) for the business to be calculated.

How the "Estimated Month End" is calculated
The "Estimated Month End" figure is calculated by adding together the values of all amounts in the "Est Month End" fields of all projects that are "In Progress" with all un-invoiced payments (i.e completed work awaiting invoicing) AND all invoiced payments for the month (i.e completed work that has been invoiced).

This figure will be reasonably accurate for most of the month until the start of the new month when the amount already invoiced will go to $0 as you would have effectively started a new month.