User Permissions

There are three types of user in Roll. Admin, Employees and Contractors. Each have different privileges according to their role in the business.

1. Admin Users##

Admin users will see the dashboard, all financial information for projects AND the business as well as being able to add/delete users. Basically nothing is hidden or restricted.

2. Employees##

Employees won't see the business "Performance" information (Performance dashboard) but will be able to see all the projects on the go in Roll. They will also be able to see individual project financial data unless you turn this off (although Roll encourages open and transparent business practice, you can toggle this on and off in the main settings page).

3. Contractors##

Contractors will only see the projects that they've been assigned to. They will be able to enter time and see tasks they've been assigned to as well as notes.

Contractors WILL NOT be able to see any financial information related to any project OR the business financial data. Effectively they have a very limited view that allows them to work with you on projects.