1. Basic Setup

Add job types, lead sources, project statuses and hourly rates##

In the settings area (accessible from your "My Account" link on the bottom left hand side, do the following:

  1. Setup the "Job Types" that your business works with. E.g Website Development, SEO, Branding, Residential architecture, Consulting, etc etc.

  2. Add your "Project lead sources" (where you find your customers). E.g. Google, Radio, Network, Word of Mouth etc etc. This information will be used to help tell you how you find your customers.

  3. Add to or change "Project Statuses" for "Pipeline", "In Progress" and "Completed". Project statuses area a fantastic way to tailor Roll to the workflow in your business. For more information on the use of this fantastic feature, see our YouTube video here.

  4. Add in the different hourly rates that you charge your work out at (if you charge on time and materials basis).