4. Add your first project

On the "Projects" area (from the top left navigation do the following:

  1. If the project that you want to add is already confirmed, add the project to click on "In Progress" in the left hand navigation. If the project is a lead for new work (i.e, not a confirmed job yet), click on "Pipeline" from the left hand navigation.
  2. Select "New Project" and add the details of a project that you wish to enter.
  3. Give the project a Title, Description and type the company name into the "Company Name" field.
  4. Add "Team" members who are involved in the project.
  5. Select "Job Type" and "Lead Source" from the drop downs (this should have your custom information from step 1!).
  6. Enter project values. (Tip: the "Est Month End" figure is how much you estimate you will invoice at the end of the month. This will help provide you with a rough guide to how much your business will invoice for the month in the Dashboard screen).
  7. Click "Save and close"

Congrats! You have just entered your first project that you can then manage with Roll. It's that simple.


Roll manages your full workflow from Pipeline (leads and opportunities) to Work In Progress to Completed jobs. To add a project to "Pipeline", make sure that "Pipeline" is selected on the left hand side. To add a project to "In Progress", again make sure that "In Progress" is selected on the left hand navigation.

The project statuses down the left hand side are all customisable to your business from the settings area. Great for getting granular visibility of where each project is up to in your workflow.