5. See your company performance

Now that you've added a project or two, you should start to see your company performance figures filling out. You can use this information to really understand how your business is performing and use it to make good decisions based off real data.

Don't worry if it still looks a bit sparse right now, as you enter your projects (those that are "In Progress" as well as those that are leads for new work and in your "Pipeline") and invoice work, the information will fill out and become more and more useful.


If you know what your Break Even Point (BEP) is for your business, you can use the performance dashboard to ensure that you're making profit each and every month. Roll will tell you how much you've invoiced so far this month and what it looks like you will invoice come month end. If you know your BEP, you will know if you're on track for making a profit or loss for the month well before end of month!