Custom project statuses

Roll has a fabulous feature that allows you to customise Roll to the workflow in your business. We call this "Custom project statuses".

Your Roll account will come with some generic project statuses pre-loaded. It is recommended that you change these to suit the workflow in your business. You're able to customise the project statuses under "Pipeline", "In Progress" and "Completed".

For example, the workflow for leads and opportunities under "Pipeline" is:

  1. New lead
  2. To Quote
  3. Waiting Decision
  4. On Hold
  5. Lost

With customizable project statuses you can change this to suit your sales process. For example if your sales cycle has an additional stage, you can add it as needed. Using this feature for leads and opportunities helps you get visibility of where each deal is at in your sales cycle allowing for effective and efficient management.

For more information on this excellent way to customise Roll to your business, see our YouTube video below.