Xero Integration Summary

When we created ROLL, we set out with the goal of developing a simple, easy to use system that increased visibility over our workflow and bottom line, whilst being fast and efficient in capturing the data most valuable to our business. Having 2-way integration with our accountancy software was top of mind from the beginning, making our decision to integrate with Xero was an easy one. ROLL’s seamless integration with Xero transforms the way you manage your business, and we're here to walk you through the features and benefits it has to offer.

Invoice Integration

One of the key highlights of the ROLL-Xero integration is the smooth handling of invoices. Generate and send invoices directly from ROLL instantly syncing your Xero invoice numbers to ensure consistency across platforms. Invoices sent from ROLL appear in your Xero account immediately. You and your team can also generate draft invoices in ROLL to then review, edit, and send from your Xero account - nice workflow that introduces good “check process” that is followed by many businesses.

Xero Tax and GL Account Code Integration

All of your Xero tax rates and GL Account codes become available to you in ROLL. This interconnected system ensures that your invoicing process is not only efficient but also error-free.

Xero and ROLL: A 2-Way Connection

Any invoices that are marked as reconciled in your Xero account, are automatically updated in ROLL (normally overnight) so your ROLL team members, with appropriate permissions, can see which invoices have been paid and can manage clients accordingly. This eliminates the need for team members to ask a manager if an invoice has been paid or have direct Xero account access.

Products and Services Synchronisation

Xero Products and Services effortlessly synchronize with ROLL, making it easy to manage the products and services you regularly buy and sell. This feature helps your team build quotes and invoices quickly by populating quote and invoice lines from your Xero Products and Services library as well as adding costs to projects using the same language each and every time.

Import Xero Costs and Purchase Orders

ROLL enables you to import costs and purchase orders directly from Xero to the project costs area of related ROLL projects. To ensure accuracy, once a cost is linked to a project it will not be available to import against another project, eliminating the chance of accidental duplication. Importing your costs into ROLL allows you to track expenses against a project more accurately, therefore enhancing your view over individual project profitability whilst saving you time by not having to rekey data.

A good process is to ensure that your team adds all costs into Xero and uses Xero as the "point of truth" for cost information and purchase orders.

Harness the Power of Xero Tracking Categories

This feature allows you to categorise transactions within ROLL, automatically syncing with your Xero account to provide a comprehensive view of your financial data. It makes it easier to track and report on different aspects of your business, offering a deeper understanding of your financial performance and supporting more informed decision-making. You can locate your Tracking Categories under the ‘Financials’ tab in your ROLL settings. Once you're integrated with Xero, simply update your Xero Tracking Categories and return to ROLL to hit the "Refresh from Xero" button.

What We Don't Integrate With Currently

While our integration with Xero is robust, it's essential to note a couple of areas that are not part of the integration:

  • Quotes: Currently quotes are not integrated between ROLL and Xero.
  • Payroll: While we don't directly integrate with Xero Payroll, you can export time data from ROLL for easy payroll processing in Xero.


Businesses using ROLL love our Xero integration. This interconnected system ensures that your invoicing process is not only efficient, seamless but also error-free.

Ready to Dive In?

Simply go to your ROLL settings to connect ROLL with your Xero account, and begin optimising your ROLL experience.

Need Assistance?

We understand that adopting a new feature might raise questions. Click on the "Talk To ROLL" button within ROLL and our dedicated support team will be more than happy to assist you.

How to integrate Roll and Xero