7. Projects already in progress

Projects that are already in progress should be added to the "In Progress" section of Roll. If these projects have already had amounts invoiced against them, it is important to let Roll know how much has been invoiced. This is to ensure that the project and business performance figures are accurate.
The process to tell Roll that an amount has been invoiced on a project already is very straight forward.

  1. Go into the project and go to the "Progress Payments" tab.
  2. Add a progress payment and call it "Opening balance", enter the date as the date that the invoice was generated (or the previous month if you do not have this data). Add the value of the amount invoiced on the project to date. Click "Add"
  3. Once the progress payment has been added, click the three dots on the right hand side of the "Invoice" button and select "Mark as invoiced". This will mark the payment as being paid without generating an invoice and effectively let Roll know that a payment has already been made on the project.

If multiple invoices have been created for a project before using Roll, add them up and enter the total of the invoices as one progress payment and "Mark as invoiced". You do not need to do a separate payment for each invoice.

Click below to see a YouTube video of this process.