Retainer projects

Roll has excellent functionality that allows you to manage retainer projects. A retainer project is defined as a project that effectively has no end date i.e is ongoing and "refreshes" periodically.

An example of a retainer project is where a customer pays an agreed amount each month to "retain" your services. Instead of negotiating a cost for individual items of work, the customer send through work requests that are then completed under the retainer contract.

With retainers, it is critical to not over service (you loose out) or under service the client (the client looses out). Therefore, getting visibility of how much work has been completed under the retainer for each retainer period is vital.

With Roll retainer projects, you can track time and tasks done under each retainer period. Roll is also able to automatically generate a new invoice for each retainer period automatically. If you wish, you can also have each invoice sent automatically saving time.


Retainer projects are very easy to see from the project listing pages. The will have a little recycle icon next to them as below.


Visibility over retainer performance

As noted above, it is essential to ensure that you aren't over servicing or under servicing your clients who are on retainer.

Roll allows you to see exactly how your retainer is performing. In the image below you can see that the value of the retainer is $2,000 and the value of time logged so far this period is $1,480. When additional retainer months are completed, you will also able to scroll between retainer periods to see how each period has performed.


To see retainer projects in action, click the YouTube video link below.